Who we are

CLAPHAM CIRCLE is a collaborative partnering group, serving organizations to enhance visibility, influence and impact. We provide a wide range of resources, personnel and expertise to advance an organization’s vision, mission and message.

What makes us different

CLAPHAM CIRCLE engages in long-term partnership to ensure growth toward an organization’s full potential. We accomplish this by helping organizations:

  • IMAGINE – Thinking about the possibilities, what is, and what could be.
  • INNOVATE – Rethinking and revitalizing work, communication, evaluation and growth.
  • INSTRUCT – Advising, training and mentoring towards ownership, sustainability and success.
  • INFLUENCE – Messaging, collaborating and developing a broader network to increase awareness in the community and beyond.  
  • IMPACT –  Accomplishing the goals that truly matter; making a difference in the lives of people, communities and the culture.

What we do

CLAPHAM CIRCLE offers a variety of services, evaluating and enhancing your message, mission, leadership, operations, team and culture, including:

  • Mission, vision and cultural alignment
  • Leadership and governance
  • Strategic planning and execution
  • Development, messaging and marketing
  • Financial and organizational compliance

We are passionate about five key areas: missional business, giving back, leadership, education and non-profit.

What we desire

To ignite a global movement of service and generosity, collaborating with individuals, businesses and organizations to bring change and hope to a hurting world.

Building structures so good things run wild!

How do you engage CLAPHAM CIRCLE?

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